Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Moonbat Recon Project: United for Peace and Justice "Anti-War" Rally

Flipping through the channels this morning, we saw that CSPAN was covering today's anti-war rally (approx. version 12.0?).

It was a beautiful Saturday in Washington, so Grace and I thought we'd dress the part and take Frankie (the Peace Dog) up to the mall for some afternoon moonbat watching. 

We weren't disappointed.

It wasn't long before we encountered our first flock of moonbats.  They were an adolescent bunch, proudly representing Massachussetts (Cape Cod).  They were united in their hatred of President Bush, but still undecided on which Democrat candidate should lead the moonbat nation in 2008.  Their leader prefers Kucinich, but some among the ranks are pulling for Obama.

Video Here:

Gitmo "torture" re-enactment.

Ahh, take your daughter to protest day!!

This moonbat, clearly a tree-climbing species from the Pacific Northwest, got a bit spooked when the crowd started to march and sought refuge in this old oak tree.

I believe this species is a rare triple hybrid cross: Jerrus Garcius, Dennus Hopperus, and ZZ-topus.

Look closely: this young moonbat correctly identified us as "transphobes."

This nice soccer-mombat practically insisted that we take her picture.  

The stars on this flag have been replaced with corporate logos.  Get it!  (Note that we seem to be veering somewhat from the anti-war theme.  This of course is common at astroturf moonbat rallies, which are more than happy to accept any and all crazies, regardless of their cause...

"9-11 was an inside job"--these signs were surprisingly abundant, even considering the clientele.

The nation's largest union (and Democrats biggest supporters) were busing them in.

The "W" stands for "moron."

"Who would Jesus torture?"  Uhh...I surmise that, if Jesus did torture, he would choose to torture murderous Islamofascists set on taking over the world and eliminating Christians and other "infidels" from the Earth.  

The World Socialists had a booth set up with lots of helpful literature for aspiring young moonbats.

This sign says that capitalism is the disease and socialism is the cure.  We checked out this booth and found this theme reinforced by a wiry moonbat representing the Workers World Party.  He was keen on selling us various Marxist/Leninist literature and other wares, at first unaware of the irony that he followed his sales pitch with a denunciation of capitalism.  Video here:

Last, we came upon a toothless elder moonbat, determined to see any democrat take back the WH.  He is proud to note that he once participated in a fundraiser for the "fabulous" Nancy Pelosi.  If only more of America knew that these people support Pelosi and company, their poll numbers would certainly suffer.  Video here: